Wang Wen Scheng

1963 — Born in Handan, Hebei, China

1986 — Graduated from the school of Fine Art, Normal University of Hebei and remains teacher in the University

1989 — Completed the 4th post-graduate research class on Oil Painting Tutorship from Central Art Academy

Professor of the Department of Oil Painting and tutor for post-graduate study in School of Fine Art, Normal university of Hebei
Now , Full time artist in Beijing


2005 — “Undertaking- in the Human World” Asian Art Festival, Guangzhou
2005 — “1976 -2005, over the Grand River” New Generation Chinese Oil painting Retrospective Exhibition, Beijing
2006 — “Infinity of the Mountain and River” Invitation Exhibition of the North and South Artist Exhibition, Beijing
2006 — “Tradition and Creation” Exhibition, Shanghai
2006 — “Without Perplexity” Wang Wensheng Exhibition, Beijing
2006 — “Chinese Contemporary documental Art Exhibition, Beijing
2007 — “The old path of the Tea” , solo Exhibition , Beijing
2007 — Invitation Exhibition from Shijiazhuang Contemporary Art Museum, Shijiazhuang
2007 — The stage of Winery, Beijing
2007 — “The resonance of Beijing”, Beijing Art Academy, Beijing
2007 — “New works by Wang Wensheng” Exhibition, Hong Kong