About Us

MelArt is a dedicated online platform that aims to revolutionize the world of art and literature by providing a space to celebrate and appreciate talented artists and their work. Our mission is to empower artists, writers, and art enthusiasts from all around the globe, bringing them together on a single platform to foster creativity, inspire dialogue, and showcase exceptional talent.

Our Vision

At MelArt, we envision a world where art is no longer confined within the boundaries of galleries and museums, but instead, a beautiful and integral part of our daily lives. We strive to create a platform that breaks down barriers and makes art accessible to anyone with an internet connection. By encouraging collaboration, inspiration, and artistic development, we believe in nurturing a community where artists and art lovers can unite, share knowledge, and inspire each other.


MelArt began its journey in 2013, starting as a humble personal blog, founded by the talented and visionary Emily Glover. Emily, a passionate artist herself, identified a need for a digital space that would celebrate the works of established and emerging artists, providing them with both exposure and recognition. Over the years, MelArt flourished through Emily’s tireless dedication, attracting a diverse community of art enthusiasts, creators, and collectors.

As MelArt gained recognition in the art world, it evolved into a widely read platform that showcased a diverse range of artwork, fostered insightful discussions, and sparked creativity in both the established artists and the aspiring ones. Today, MelArt has become a brand synonymous with quality content, nurturing artistic talent, and inspiring art lovers and creators alike.

Our Founder: Emily Glover

Emily Glover is the driving force behind MelArt. With an inherent passion for art, and having experienced firsthand the difficulties artists face in gaining recognition, Emily envisioned MelArt as a place where talent could truly thrive. As an artist herself, she understands the importance of supporting fellow creatives and amplifying their voices, making her a perfect guide for the MelArt community.

With years of industry experience and unwavering dedication, Emily ensures the platform remains a vibrant hub that not only showcases exceptional artwork but also nourishes artistic growth through insightful articles, tutorials, and interactive activities.

The Website Objective

MelArt was envisioned as a digital haven that serves multiple purposes:

  1. Showcase exceptional artwork and literature from a wide range of artists, both emerging and established.
  2. Foster a supportive artistic community where artists and writers can connect, engage, and share their knowledge and experiences.
  3. Provide inspiration, guidance, and resources to aspiring artists through informative articles, tutorials, and creative challenges.
  4. Introduce art lovers and collectors to talented creators and help them discover unique and remarkable pieces of art.

Target Audience

MelArt welcomes individuals who are passionate about all forms of art, be it painting, digital art, photography, sculpture, or literature. The platform caters to artists looking for recognition, aspiring creators seeking inspiration, and art lovers who want to immerse themselves in beautiful and thought-provoking works. By reaching out to a diverse audience, MelArt ensures a vibrant and engaging artistic environment that sparks new creative perspectives.

Unique Value

What sets MelArt apart from other online art platforms is not only the breadth of talent it showcases but also the exceptional team of experienced and highly skilled editors and contributors behind it. Our team possesses in-depth knowledge of various art genres, enabling us to curate diverse collections that resonate with a global audience. We believe in the transformative power of collaboration and an open exchange of ideas, harnessing both to create a unique and immersive experience for our community.

Step into the world of MelArt and allow yourself to be captivated by the beauty, inspiration, and infinite possibilities that art holds. Join us in redefining the way we appreciate and engage with artistic talent. Together, let us build a global artistic community that knows no boundaries.

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